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Testimonial Vault Providing You
Best Features


Process to get Authenticated testimonials easy.


Safegaurding your testimonials is Simple now.


Choose the testimonials you want to share.


Now control on your testimonials with ease.

Lead Generation

lead generation inbuilt on testimonial submission.


Categorise By location, By Business line.

Multi user

Track you testimonials by multiple user.

Easy to Use

Share and Publish the testimonials by simple click.

Best Application

Process driven methodology to get
More Testimonials

  • Prompting to facilitate the accurate testimonial.
  • Inbuilt approval process.
  • visibility to pending requests to enable followup.
  • lead generation inbuilt on testimonial submission.
  • publish / remove the testimonials with a simple click.
  • Organize the testimonials by locations.
  • organize the testimonials by business line.
  • Multiple widgets to display the testimonials with different options.
and more features ...

Feature List

Mini Site for
Lead Generation



Every customer will get a mini site optimized with Local SEO for Lead generation.

Resellers are invited

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